#doDifferent for Sound Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important yet often overlooked aspects to maintaining good health. Good sleep allows our bodies to repair and recover. Poor sleep has been linked to a range of ailments including weight gain and heart disease. One of the factors which can dictate whether you sleep well or not is comfort - and comfort largely comes down to having a good mattress.

But, in a country where so many are stretched to just provide for their basic needs, how many can access a comfortable mattress and the improved sleep that comes with it? This is a genuine contributing factor to a looming lifestyle disease-related health crisis in South Africa.

One company, built around a mission to change the way people sleep, are doing their part to make sure access to great sleep is not reserved for only those who can afford a good mattress.

REMSleep are a South African company aiming to revolutionize the bedding industry and make the process of buying a mattress much easier. Their direct-to-customer model helps to keep prices as low as possible, and their simplified approach to support levels (each mattress comes standard with the two most popular support preferences in South Africa) makes the process of buying a mattress quick, easy, and affordable.

Where REMSleep further separates themselves from the crowd is their choice to #doDifferent. In their quest to improve the sleep of South Africans, they are determined that this should be extended to the less fortunate. For every mattress purchased from REMSleep, a mattress is donated to someone in need – through partner charities around South Africa.

So, if you are looking for a great mattress without all the complexity and cost involved in the traditional bedding industry, why not try REMSleep and help someone less fortunate to experience the benefits of great sleep.

Check out REMSleep here.

Images by: REMSleep