#doDifferent with Roses

With spring upon us, the world has come alive again. The colours and fragrances of the plant life we are so lucky to experience in South Africa serve as inspiration for our own gardens and living spaces. Nurseries around the country are buzzing with keen gardeners planning the new season's additions.

But what if your garden purchases could help others while enriching your life? Ludwig’s Roses chooses to #doDifferent and make this possible.

Ludwig Taschner has a remarkable story. Escaping East Germany in 1960 he arrived in South Africa after spending two years working in nurseries in West Germany, Switzerland, and England. In 1971 he established Ludwig’s Roses on the outskirts of Pretoria. Now reaching its 50th anniversary, Ludwig’s Roses is one of the premier rose nurseries in South Africa, with nine locations around the country boasting a catalogue of over a thousand rose varieties.

The original Pretoria rose farm is still the ultimate destination for visitors, with a blanket of colour as far as you can see and the ability to admire the massive variation and unique characteristics of these wonderful plants.

Among the extensive rose varieties on offer, there are more than twenty from which a portion of the sales price is donated to a specific charity. Some of the supported charities include the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Parkinson’s Association, SOS Children’s Villages, and the Avril Elizabeth Home. The funds donated to these charities make a genuine difference in the lives of so many people in this country. The rose varieties making charitable contributions are clearly marked and easy to identify – and most are special breeds with unique characteristics.

So, if you want to liven up your garden, or gift a living plant to friends and family, why not choose a rose which supports a worthy cause. These beautiful and fascinating plants will bring joy for many years to come – as will the causes which they support.

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Images by: Ludwig's Roses