#doDifferent to Fight the Mozzie Bite

Over the past two years, it has seemed that all our focus has been on Covid-19 as the most threatening disease we face. And while this pandemic has been devastating for loss of life the world over there is another disease which has continued to take lives at a massive rate – particularly in Africa.

Malaria - the disease caused by parasites transmitted to people through the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes – remains one of the leading causes of death throughout Africa despite being preventable and curable.

In 2020, Malaria caused over 600 000 deaths, of which 90% were in Africa. The higher prevalence of Malaria in Africa is partly due to the increased risk of exposure to the disease as well as the lack of preventative measures and adequate treatment.

There are many charities and NGOs doing great work to fight Malaria in Africa, and this week we look at an organization choosing to #doDifferent and lend a hand to this fight.

Goodbye Malaria straddles the line between social enterprise and NGO in its goal to eradicate Malaria in Africa. The organisation aims to support and catalyse on-the-ground malaria elimination programmes and it does this through various fund-raising initiatives as well as undertaking malaria prevention and treatment projects.

A core part of the Goodbye Malaria fundraising activities is their retail operation which sells clothing, accessories, homeware, and confectionery. All these items are locally and ethically manufactured – supporting employment creation and skills development. The profits generated from the sale of these items are then used to fund the work done by the organisation to fight Malaria and save lives.

So, if you are in need of some retail therapy or, if your company needs some ideas for corporate gifting, why not #doDifferent and support Goodbye Malaria. With the choice of an extensive range of beautifully made clothing, trendy bags, useful accessories, and delicious chocolates you will find something for everyone – and your purchase will help to save lives.

Visit Goodbye Malaria here.

Images by: Goodbye Malaria