#doDifferent to Fight Hunger

South Africa is richly endowed with arable land in which all manner of fruits and vegetables can be grown. Even though the country is food secure at a national level – with the total food production greater than the total required to feed the population- at a household level almost 20% of households are not food secure. It is estimated that up to 6.5 million South Africans go hungry on a regular basis.

One company is choosing to #doDifferent and contribute to fighting hunger in aid of World Hunger Month this May.

Food Lovers Market – one of the largest fresh food retailers in South Africa – are running their ‘Fighting Hunger Together" initiative for the 5th year during May 2021. Their aim is to provide one million meals to those in need during the month.

For each sale of a participating product from a partner supplier Food Lovers Market will donate 85c towards feeding the hungry. The donations are made to Food Forward SA – an organization working to recover quality surplus food and redirect it to where it is needed. Each 85c donation pays for one meal through their feeding schemes.

So, each time you buy a participating product, you feed someone in need. In addition, Food Lovers Market will be donating 1% of their turnover to this campaign on World Hunger Day, 28 May 2021.

This initiative was started in 2017 and has grown in leaps and bounds. From 300 000 meals provided in the first year to just over a million in 2020. The goal is to meet and hopefully surpass the 1 million meals target in 2021.

Participating products include: Trucape apples or pears, ZZ2 tomatoes, Westshelf potatoes and onions, Westfalia avocados and Simpl Juice products.

Images by: Food Lover's Market

Why not choose to #doDifferent and buy produce which supports the fight against hunger this May? This simple purchasing decision can help to change the statistics on food insecurity in our country.

See more about this initiative and the participating products here.

Images by: Food Lover's Market