#doDifferent for Everyone, Everywhere

Imagine living life without one of your five senses. Imagine how difficult it may be to perceive the world and make connections with others, let alone your family and those closest to you. Hearing brings us together and serves as a connector throughout our lives. The loss of hearing has life-changing effects on individuals, families and societies. That’s why this week, we are looking at a company that aims to #doDifferent in communities by bringing hearing back to the hearing impaired.

“Healthy hearing for everyone, everywhere” is the vision of HealthTech company hearX - an impact-driven digital health company passionate about affordable access to healthy hearing. Their smart, evidence-based digital tools provide clinical, screening and self-test solutions for easier, more efficient and cost-effective hearing care. They have pioneered digital hearing solutions to detect, diagnose and treat hearing loss around the globe.

Knowing how expensive specialist doctor’s visits are, hearX has created the world-first digital hearing health solutions to make hearing healthcare more accessible and affordable. They also understand that screening is just the first step and that early consultation with a registered hearing health professional is essential for persons with suspected hearing loss. This is why they created hearZA, a digits-in-noise hearing test – that was successfully developed and validated as a self-test on a smartphone using any earphones or headphones.

hearZA was launched on World Hearing Day 2016 as part of a World Health Organization initiative highlighting hearing loss as the most common chronic disability. It is a clinically valid hearing test on a smartphone in under 3 minutes. The screening test analyses a person’s ability to perceive speech in noise. This is done by playing a series of digit triplets over white background noise. Based on the person's response, the app automatically generates a hearing score which indicates whether there may be a possible hearing problem. If the person fails, the app then refers the user to the closest audiologist (registered on their system), using geolocation. 

Through artificial intelligence, hearX is innovating the future of healthcare.

So the next time you need to test your hearing or the hearing of a loved one, trust a company that has people-first and quality innovation as one of their core values - whilst making hearing healthcare accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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Images by: hearX