#doDifferent by Creating a Culture of Caring

For thousands of years, baobabs have made an important contribution to people’s livelihoods for food, fibre and medicine in Africa.  More recently, the global trade in baobab powder and oil has become an important source of income for many rural families. This week, we are looking at a company that is using this treasured tree for its natural products, whilst giving back to the community.

EcoProducts is a Limpopo-based company, that was established in 2006. Since its inception, EcoProducts has led the way in the development and supply of baobab oil and baobab powder to the manufacturing and retail sectors. They have also developed expertise in wild harvesting protocols, rural community supply chains, track and trace systems and baobab fruit processing technology. This ensures consistent quality that conforms to international food grade standards.

EcoProducts’ vision is to make a meaningful contribution to the livelihoods of rural people and to the conservation of baobab trees, as they believe in making a positive impact on society and their environment. EcoProducts work within rural communities to produce baobab powder and oil, which provides the local Venda communities with employment and much-needed income. 

They also support the Baobab Foundation program to promote environmental awareness and social upliftment. They do this by aiding in the conservation of baobab trees, as well as the communities who live among these magnificent trees. Their baobab conservation programs are informed by their research, their understanding of baobab ecology and the local knowledge. They work closely with landowners, traditional leaders and local people with the aim of securing a healthy and thriving baobab population for the benefit of all.

So the next time you are looking for some baobab oil or powder, look no further than EcoProducts. You can purchase your needed goods whilst giving back to the trees that they came from, helping to continue the circle of life.

For more information on EcoProducts, click here.

Images by: EcoProducts and The Baobab Foundation