#doDifferent: Choose sneakers that fight shoelessness

Still on our mission to find brands and businesses that #doDifferent, we came across an idea that is both old and new. At Different.org we are very aware of Toms shoes, it served as inspiration for the Different Life and Different.org business model. So we were delighted to discover the local sneaker brand Vosk. Vosk is a sneaker brand founded by Wesley Vos, and here is why they #doDifferent.

Vosk partners with Samaritan’s Feet, an organisation that seeks to bring an end to foot borne diseases and infections derived from kids going barefoot. It's a huge problem on our continent and the partnership seeks to leverage the power of business and consumer choice to tackle the daunting task. 

They do this in a manner which we recognise from Toms shoes - the one for one model. Need a quick reminder of the model? For every pair of Vosk shoes bought, a pair of shoes is donated to a child in need through the partnership with Samaritans Feet.

We love this model as it speaks to everything we are trying to do with #doDifferent. A business partnering with a charity to bring about positive change.

So what is your role, what can you #doDifferent? Start by choosing to support brands that choose to make a difference. You can #doDifferent, and a new pair of sneakers might be your first step.

Images by: Vosk
Written by: Andrew Lester from Diferent.org