#doDifferent for Better School Hygiene

We have previously highlighted the crisis of poor toilet sanitation affecting school children in many parts of South Africa. It is estimated that one in ten (6%) of school learners choose to miss school to avoid using the toilet facilities. This is beyond those who use these facilities to their detriment, through the spread of germs and the risk of pit latrines.

One company has made it their business to change this, since sanitation is their business.

Domestos, the cleaning product brand owned by multinational consumer goods company Unilever, is a popular brand here in South Africa. Most well known for their thick bleach products used for cleaning toilets and other sanitation purposes – their products are just what is needed to fight the scourge of poor sanitation in schools.

To assist in efforts to turn the tide against poor sanitation in South African schools Domestos are raising funds by leveraging their strong market position. For every bottle of Domestos bleach sold, the company donates R1 towards providing better sanitation facilities in those schools most in need.

Domestos have been contributing toward school sanitation for the past 10 years and in that time have provided safer toilets for over 5 million South African school children. This is part of a global effort which to date has seen the brand assist over 29 million learners globally.

These are the kinds of efforts which largely go unnoticed, but which make a huge impact on the lives of many and play a critical role in helping to ensure quality education for all South African children.

So, when you are next deciding between brands of bleach, why not choose a brand which chooses to #doDifferent and have your purchase contribute to making schools safer and more hygienic and helping to ensure children have the best chance to get the education they deserve.

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Images by: Domestos