#doDifferent and Shop Right

“There is nothing permanent except change”- This is the most famous quote by Greek philosopher Heraclitus, and nothing is truer. Imagine what an impact 1 million acts of change would have on communities that are underprivileged. Whether it is monetary, or in-kind donations; volunteering or individual actions; 1 million acts of good hope and care.

This week we look at one of South Africa’s biggest retail group that is deciding to #doDifferent with 1 million acts of change.

The Shoprite Group is the largest African supermarket chain operating 2 387 stores in 14 countries. Their products and services vary from food and furniture to medicines and financial services, fulfilling consumers' requirements in a one-stop shopping experience. ‘The home of the R5 bread’, as they call themselves, are best known for their competitively low prices, with the latest survey finding them at 20% cheaper than the most expensive supermarket.

Shoprite's commitment to serving and generating shared value for the communities in which they operate has been the driving force behind their Act for Change program. The program focuses on creating and supporting sustainable development pillars - particularly fighting hunger, providing quality early childhood development and assisting vulnerable communities. The program allows customers to make an act of change to assist some of the most vulnerable South Africans. Customers can make a donation of R5 or more at any Shoprite, Checkers or USave till point in South Africa, which is then donated to deserving beneficiaries in the province where the donation was made. The act for change can also be a donation of time through volunteering for any of the many deserving beneficiaries that the company works with.

To date, the program has raised R1.7 million through in-store donations. These funds, together with R2 million donated by the group have made leaps and strides in supporting deserving communities during COVID. In addition to fundraising for COVID-19 relief efforts, the organization has supplied over 11.3 million meals worth over R35 million through excess food donations and mobile soup kitchens since the commencement of the national lockdown.

So the next time you go shopping at your local Shoprite, Checkers or USave store, be sure to #doDifferent and spare your change to make a change. And if you would like your organisation or community to benefit from this program, you can apply here.

Images by: The Shoprite Group