#doDifferent and Put a Ring On It!

Finger-worn rings have been the traditional symbol of marriage and commitment for hundreds of years, and likely will be for hundreds more. The way we view jewellery, and the way it fits our lifestyles, has however dramatically changed.

We are now far more conscious of the social and environmental impacts of rare metal mining, which has historically been linked with human rights abuses and environmental degradation. We are also conscious, as South Africans, of the safety risk of wearing jewellery. It is a sad fact of our hugely unequal society that wearing jewellery can make you a target of crime.

A combination of these factors has paved the way for the surging popularity of silicone rings. These rings are cheaper, flexible, lighter and have very little risk of being stolen. One supplier of these rings is using this surge in popularity to #doDifferent.

TERRA produces and sells environmentally friendly silicone rings. Their environmental-grade silicone rings are non-toxic to aquatic and soil organisms and both the rings and the packaging are completely recyclable. These rings are made for maximum comfort and durability – standing up to any active lifestyle.

As part of their business journey, TERRA have chosen to support both human health and animal welfare efforts. For each ring sold from their Rose Gold or Azure Blue ranges, they donate R10 to the Cansa Association – contributing to cancer awareness and research. For each ring sold from their Ignis Red, Mantle Black, or Ventus Silver ranges, they donate R10 to Woodrock Animal Shelter – assisting with the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of abandoned and abused animals.

If you are not comfortable wearing metal rings for any reason, why not try a silicone ring? Better yet why not #doDifferent try a TERRA silicone ring and have your purchase contribute to human health and animal welfare.

Find out more about TERRA silicone rings here.

Images by: TERRA