#doDifferent and Give Her Hope

Serena Williams once said that “the success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up”. With job insecurity and scarcity in some places, people need to look to themselves and within their communities to try and improve their circumstances. That’s why this week, we are looking at a Cape Town-based company that #doDifferent by helping women to upskill themselves whilst doing good for the environment.

Give Her Hope Soap was started in 2014 by a couple of lifelong friends. Originally called ‘Hope Soap’, later renamed to ‘Give Her Hope’, this company was a response to a need amongst the women who attend Sunshade, a women’s group at Jubilee Community Church that provide training, income and empowerment to unemployed women in Salt River. Their vision is to empower women to create a sustainable livelihood that improves the quality of their lives.

Give Her Hope have helped upskill these women, offering some permanent employment, as well as offering their client quality customer services. Give Her Hope Soap started out by making soap donated to them from hotels. Today, they have broadened their products to offer a wide range of soap bars and liquid soaps which are made purely from coconut oil, essential oils and some clay. Their oils and scents range from traditional scents like lavender, rooibos and lemon to fashionable scents like moringa and lemongrass, charcoal and vanilla.

No animal products are used in their products, only oils, which ensure that Give Her Hope Soap are environmentally kind. This means their products do not contain palm oil; are not tested on animals and do not contaminate water. They also avoid using plastic in their packaging and do thorough research into their suppliers and delivery processes, ensuring that their eco-standards are maintained. They are also passionate about supporting small, local businesses and do their best to partner with these types of businesses.

So the next time you are looking for presents or a treat for yourself, look to support a small business helping the women within their community. With products that are fearlessly and wonderfully handmade, there is a level of intimate involvement that adds love to each of their products that can be felt by all.

Find out more about Give Her Hope here.

Images by: Give Her Love