#doDifferent and Add Hope

It is difficult to do anything on an empty stomach, almost impossible - but unfortunately, that is the reality of many children in South Africa. The South African National Income Dynamics Study and the Coronavirus Rapid Mobile Survey shows that child hunger has remained high with one-in-seven households reporting that a child went hungry in April this year. This is where your R2 can #doDifferent.

What is the value of a R2 coin? In reality, not much. But that R2 coin can go a long way in fighting malnutrition and hunger in South Africa. Ever wondered where your R2 goes when the cashier at KFC asks you to Add Hope? This week we look at how KFC has been deciding to #doDifferent and add hope.

The Add Hope programme was started as KFC felt morally obligated to help change the hunger crisis as one of the most loved brands in South Africa. Since the start of Add Hope, KFC has raised more than R811-million to date from customer donations and KFC-led donations combined. The campaign collects R2 donations in-store to fund meals for undernourished children. Together with their own contribution, the initiative provides over 30 million meals to over 150,000 children daily and supports more than 140 different non-profit organisations. These organisations include childhood development organisations, children’s homes and school feeding programmes.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the hunger amongst children and that was when the Add Hope programme was called into action again. They committed to adding a further R3 million to food relief over the lockdown period. This was in addition to food parcels bought and prepared by KFC that were distributed to people hardest hit by the hunger crisis, through the network of NPOs. These food parcels feed a typical family of four for approximately two weeks. KFC Add Hope donates these food parcels to less fortunate families over and above the meals donated to NPOs.

Hope is a powerful tool and it should be the last thing that we ever lose. So the next time you order your favourite meal from KFC, remember to #doDifferent and Add Hope with just R2.

Images by: KFC