DIY and #doDifferent

With the festive season upon us, now is the best time to get stuck into all those home improvement projects we have been promising we would get to for months.

DIY work is hugely satisfying but sometimes trying to find all the materials and equipment you need - as well as some good advice - is hard to come by. That’s where a great hardware store makes the world of difference. This week, we look at a hardware chain that is also choosing to #doDifferent.

Chamberlains Hardware was founded in 1903 near Pretoria (now Tshwane). Unlike most well-established chains, Chamberlains has chosen to remain relatively small in its footprint. Servicing only Gauteng through their eight stores their focus is on providing a comprehensive offering at each of these stores. This offering is geared toward providing customers with the widest range of materials and equipment and the best advice.

In their efforts to #doDifferent, Chamberlains focuses on education – with the belief that it will have the biggest impact on the future of South Africa. They contribute regularly to a variety of education-oriented programmes including: Pure Hope Education, Good Work Foundation, Silibona Trust, and the Vula Outreach Programme.

During their December promotion period, for every R50 spent in-store, Chamberlains will donate R1 to Project Literacy. This organization works with adults having no previous access to education to develop literacy and numeracy skills. These skills are fundamental steps to addressing historical injustices and empowering people with the basic skills needed to take control of their lives.

So, when you are looking for supplies for all those holiday projects why not choose to #doDifferent and go with a hardware store with over a century of experience and helping to make a positive impact on South Africa.

See more about Chamberlains and their community and education support initiatives here.

Images by: Chamberlains