Ditch your normal socks and #doDifferent

Last week we shone a light on a shoe company choosing to #doDifferent, so it’s fitting that this week we look at socks.

Sexy Socks was founded in 2014 with an ambitious goal - to make sure every child in South Africa has a pair of socks to wear to school. The model is simple. For every pair of socks the company sells, a pair is donated to a child in need. The model has been extremely successful, with the company approaching one hundred thousand pairs of socks donated. 

In addition to the sexy socks, you can also buy some Sexy Jocks. Men’s underwear produced from fabric off-cuts destined for landfill, manufactured by a woman’s empowerment project in Cape Town. Unique, sustainable, and socially responsible.

Covid-19 has not slowed their progress, with the company branching out into manufacturing face masks in their signature quirky style. A portion of the profits from mask sales have gone to providing thousands of masks where they are most needed.

Sustainability is core to Sexy Socks. All products are locally manufactured, and their core sock range is produced from environmentally friendly bamboo. Good for the local economy and good for the earth.

As if all this wasn’t enough, Sexy Socks distribute their donations through sock drops, where they engage with the recipient children teaching them about social entrepreneurship and the difference each person can make in their communities and society at large.

By centring their entire business venture around a social conscience, Sexy Socks is choosing to #doDifferent. So, ditch the boring grey socks and #doDifferent by sprucing up your attire with a pair of Sexy Socks

Check them out here.

Images by: Sexy Socks