Coding to #doDifferent

We live in a digitally fueled world, with self-driving cars; augmented reality; and computer algorithms offering us tailored information. What’s breaking news now will soon be forgotten. Due to this, computer coding is critical for future success, as it provides children with abilities that extend well beyond the computer. Learning to code has several advantages, including problem-solving; abstraction; and critical thinking.

This is why one of South Africa’s biggest network providers, Vodacom, has decided to #doDifferent by teaching young girls in school how to code.

#CodeLikeAGirl, a Vodacom initiative launched in 2017, seeks to inspire more girls to pursue careers that need coding abilities. This will assist them to get a foot in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) areas and industries. This initiative is part of a global Vodafone program to teach coding to teenage girls in 26 countries, including South Africa.

In Gauteng, the Vodacom #CodeLikeAGirl initiative began with 20 young girls from Tembisa being taught how to code. To date, Vodacom has trained over 1000 girls in South Africa. This past year, it had its largest intake - with 600 girls participating, and that number keeps growing. 

During the week-long training course, learners are exposed to basic knowledge of computer languages and development programmes including HTML, CSS, GitHub, Bootstrap and JavaScript. They are also taken on a fun and empowering life skills journey while developing coding, presentation and communication skills - providing them with well-rounded development.

As technology keeps evolving, it is imperative that we have the skills that are needed in order to compete on a global stage. If we can do that, whilst we also #doDifferent by promoting inclusion for all, then supporting programmes like this is a must. 

Applications are currently closed but are expected to open the week before the winter school holidays. You can register here.

Images by: Vodacom