Choose to #doDifferent when you buy groceries

#doDifferent at the Refillery

Next in our #doDifferent series is something that is a little different to the other brands and campaigns we have shared in that it is about a regular choice we make - where to buy the groceries. 

Your choice of grocery store is a pretty important one. It may be informed by convenience, quality, price or a combination of all three. But what if your choice of grocery store could make a real difference in a number of ways? 

Enter The Refillery, a plastic-free, planet-friendly grocery store.

The Refillery works on ‘weigh and pay’, so you get to fill your pantry without filling your waste bins. It's pretty smart and surprisingly obvious - no packaging means less waste.

Not only that but the products are ethically sourced so you get to remove wasteful packaging whilst knowing that all the products in-store will be selected to help you make a difference, with the power of your purse and your choice. The Refillery in-store product footprint is over 75% local and they make an effort to source from SMME’s and family businesses. 

There are two physical stores - one in Cedar Square Shopping Centre and one in Morningside Shopping Centre - but you can also buy online here.

When you buy online, they also allow you to donate products directly. These are added to your bill then delivered directly to charity partners, thereby making charitable giving convenient. 

So this month when it comes time to fill up the pantry, why not consider a way that you can #doDifferent and visit The Refillery?

Images by: The Refillery