Celebrate Beer and #doDifferent

South Africa was almost two months into the lockdown restrictions. A feature of this was the total ban on alcohol sales. Although necessary to relieve pressure on hospitals from alcohol-related trauma cases the ban had devastated businesses across the extensive alcohol-related supply chain. The result was loss of employment and livelihoods, and near devastation of an entire industry. Data suggested almost 90% of craft breweries – supporting several thousand jobs – were at risk of permanent closure.

One small brewery found an opportunity to see through the mire and #doDifferent. Saggy Stone Brewing Co. is a craft beer brewery located in Robertson, Western Cape. They offer a wide range of craft beers including a core range of classic styles as well as a revolving roster of interesting and innovative special brews.

Running up to South African National Beer Day, on 6 Feb 2021, Saggy Stone put together a special product pack offering great value and supporting a good cause. The pack consisted of a selection of Saggy Stone beers and branded merchandise. For each pack, the brewery sold it donated a R50 Pick n Pay grocery voucher to help the staff and families of craft breweries who were suffering during the ban.

The vouchers were distributed through the Craft Beer Association of South Africa, who had been facilitating donations of vouchers during the lockdown to brewery employees worst affected by the financial devastation of the alcohol bans.

Even though Saggy Stone had also been greatly affected by almost 5 months of not being able to trade, they prioritized the health of the craft beer community and the pain of the people who make it work.

The annual South African National Beer Day is a chance to celebrate the drink loved worldwide throughout history. This year it was also a chance to #doDifferent and help some of the people who bring us this wonderful beverage were then facing a crisis. So, get yourself some great beer to enjoy responsibly once the ban is lifted (maybe by the time you read this it will have been). Most importantly use your purchase to #doDifferent and help those who need it desperately right now.

Check out the offer here.

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Please note: The Saggy Stone South African National Beer Day product offering campaign has been concluded.

Images by: Saggy Stone