How your choice of chocolate could #doDifferent

We are all about celebrating South African brands and businesses who seek to make a real difference. We believe that business can be a force for good and, when they are, that South Africans will respond to partner with them to create positive social change.  

So could your choice of chocolate help you #doDifferent?

Cadbury ran an innovative campaign called the Glass & a Half Project. This initiative allowed consumers to choose chocolates in specially designed packs. For each pack sold, a contribution was made towards R1 million worth of toys and reading materials for orphaned South African children.

Of course one has to ask if I could choose to buy chocolate that makes a difference or one that doesn't, why wouldn't I buy the one that makes a difference all the time? It is a good question and probably one that we should consider beyond a Glass & a Half.

Cadbury updated the campaign to include a new element called Storytime. The campaign asked South Africans to share their stories which Cadbury may have turned into a video or a book, which in turn would be shared with vulnerable kids who desperately needed mental stimulation and encouragement at that difficult time. The stories were captured via a Whatsapp chat - it's pretty smart stuff! To get things going, there are stories on the site from some well known South Africans, check them out here.

Consumers have the power to make a difference by choosing to support brands that make a difference. Just like we can choose not to support companies whose practices don't sit well with our own preferences - we can choose to support brands who actively seek to make a positive impact in areas that are of interest or concern to us as individuals.

That is why we are running this series and why we are delighted each time we hear of a brand campaign, or a new company, that is designed to make a positive social impact.

We would love to hear from you - we are constantly on the look out for campaigns or business models that are designed to create change. So if you know of one, please share it with us in the comments. 

So well done to Cadbury, we think the campaign was laudable and we salute you for the initiative. 

Please note: The Cadbury  Glass & a Half Project campaign has been concluded.

Remember your choice can make a change so choose to support brands that #doDifferent.