Businesses that #doDifferent: FoodFlow

Covid-19 has disrupted almost every aspect of our lives and restaurants have been particularly hard hit. But what of the farmers that are producing food for those restaurants and what is happening to the produce? 

This is where FoodFlow comes in and this is how we think you can #doDifferent by supporting them. 

FoodFlow is keeping the flow of food from Farmers to Communities by partnering with small-scale farmers and food producers in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo.

FoodFlow uses donor funding to purchase food products directly from independent producers. FoodFlow then matches the farmer with a community organisation in their vicinity who distributes harvest bags or cooks a meal for their beneficiaries. 

This achieves two main objectives

  1. Helps farmers maintain and sustain their business, despite the loss of demand from hotels and restaurants 

  2. Ensures that fresh nutritious food is provided to those who are most impacted by food security

So what can you #doDifferent and how can we, as ordinary South Africans, get involved to help farmers and communities alike? 

#doDifferent and sponsor a bag of produce here.