The Beauty of #doDifferent

There are many moving #doDifferent stories of entrepreneurs motivated to give back to their community or the country through their business journeys. Those who take on the responsibility to help people in need with whatever means are available to them. This time we look at a truly inspirational example of a business owner tirelessly working to serve her community.

Shanaaz Allie is the owner of the Mosadie Beauty Salon based in Sea Point, Cape Town. The salon offers an extensive range of beauty treatments including hairdressing, manicure/pedicures, and professional make-up. Mosadie specialises in weddings and similar special functions.

Since 2017 Shanaaz has used her one day away from her business to run a soup kitchen in Tafelsig, the community she has been a part of for 25 years. The soup kitchen was initially completely funded using profits from Mosadie Beauty Salon.

The feeding programme has grown since then, under the banner of registered NPO Mosadie Gives Back, now serving meals to those in need twice a week as well as handing out food parcels. Critically, the programme was able to continue through the Covid-19 pandemic when the need was greatest.

To fund this work Mosadie Hair Salon donates 10% of total turnover to the feeding program every month – providing nutritious and delicious food to desperate members of the community who would otherwise go hungry.

Sadly, the need greatly outstretches the means of one small business to provide this support on an ongoing basis, and Mosadie Gives Back is at risk of closure due to funding shortfalls.

So, if you need any kind of beauty treatment, why not #doDifferent and support a business that takes direct action to help feed vulnerable members of the community? Alternatively, donate to Mosadie Gives Back to help ensure this incredible work is able to continue.

Find out more about Mosadie Gives Back and donate here.

Images by: Mosadie Beauty Salon and Mosadie Gives Back