Bag Some Threads and #doDifferent

South Africa is a vibrant place, and South Africans are resourceful outgoing people. So many of the great South African brands and companies reflect this in their identity and ethos. This week we look at a company with all this spirit, choosing to #doDifferent in their business journey.

Bobby Yarn - founded in 2015 - produces quintessentially South African bags. These include handbags, totes, backpacks, and pencil cases, all locally manufactured with local materials. There are hundreds of fabrics available to suit all tastes, as well as an option to customize a bag to your specifications.

Not only is this company positively contributing to build jobs and the local economy, but they are also choosing to #doDifferent. For each bag sold a donation is made to the Smile Foundation. This non-profit organisation assists disadvantaged children to get operations to correct facial abnormalities and bring back a smile.

After several years of strong growth, Bobby Yarn was faced with an enormous challenge during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost overnight orders for their core range of products were wiped out as they cater largely to the tourist market. Their response was to pivot to making face masks to meet the massive demand for this potentially lifesaving device.

Not satisfied to just keep their business afloat, Bobby Yarn also pledged to donate masks to the #millionmasks initiative aimed at providing masks to the many South Africans who could not afford to buy these and protect themselves.

As we navigate our way through the tail-end of the pandemic and life begins to return to normal, we have an opportunity to change our behaviour and #doDifferent. This means choosing to buy local and support the companies who supported South Africa (and continue to do so). Let’s use our choice to rebuild our economy and support communities in need along the way.

So, when you are next looking for a bag, why not make it a Bobby Yarn bag?

Check out Bobby Yarn here

Images by: Bobby Yarn