An Appetite for Adventure and to #doDifferent

In South Africa, we have the privilege of being able to enjoy the vast natural beauty that this country offers in many ways. From a picnic at a nearby botanical garden to deeper exploration into the valleys, mountains, bush and oceans, enjoying the views and listening to the sounds and rhythms of nature in our beautiful country. Whilst you are busy feeling the sun on your back or the breeze tickling your neck, perhaps you start to think about how wonderful our natural environment is in our country, and how you could do more to help preserve it.

That’s why this week, we are looking at a company born from nature that aims to #doDifferent by helping in various conservation projects. In this way, our wonderful natural heritage is protected for future generations to enjoy.

The Trail Food Company was the brainchild of Di Tipping-Woods, who was on a walking trail in the Timbavati with friends. One of her friends made dehydrated food as a hobby, and Di was blown away by the healthy, lightweight meals. This led to Di purchasing a food dehydrator and began field testing different recipes with safari guides.

In a nutshell, they want people to have access to really tasty, healthy, convenient food while enjoying the magic of being in nature. Their available meals include breakfast, nibbles and dinner, and span from dishes like mushroom risotto and Chilli Con Carne to Sundried Tomato Tapenade and good old biltong. The environmental impact of their products plays a crucial role in their decision-making, as they understand the importance of each product’s packaging, size, weight and water requirements.

In an effort to help aid conversation and protection South Africa’s beautiful, unique nature and wildlife, The Trail Food Company has partnered with three different organisations that are also making a difference. Each of them relies on donations and fundraising. You can make a difference by choosing which organisation you would like to support, and place your order online with the required discount code for your chosen project. That code will get you 5% off of your order and The Trail Food Company will match that 5% and donate it to that project. Now doesn’t that sound amazing!

The projects that can be supported are Wild Nights Out, Anti-Snaring Projects and Flagship Species Project. 

Wild Nights Out was founded in 2015 to support young people through the transition of adolescence. Only those who get to encounter, experience and know the natural world, can come to love, and by extension, care for it. They help young people who may never have experienced South Africa’s Wilderness share an amazing experience and cultivate lasting bonds with the earth, others, and themselves.

The Anti-Snaring Project raises funds to clear and remove snares from the bush as it is amongst the highest killers of wildlife in South Africa, and given the rising levels of poverty and unemployment are becoming an ever-increasing threat to our wildlife sustainability.

The Flagship Species Project was created through the Ultimate Guide to The Kruger Trail. It is one of a number of SANParks Honorary Rangers projects that are dedicated to funding on-the-ground conservation activities in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. They support alien invasive control programmes, provide equipment for elephant and vegetation research, fund for rhino de-horning and support the Kruger National Park equestrian unit.

If you are looking to #doDifferent whilst spending some quality time in nature, why not support a business that is geared towards conserving it, for future generations to enjoy.

Find out more about The Trail Food Company here.

Images by: The Trail Food Company